About Us

INSTACLASS Portal, an innovative online learning platform, founded and based in the UAE.

After Instaclass.com, the state of the art online tutoring platform, INSTACLASS FZE has developed a new product that caters for schools, educational centers, training institutions, universities and even individual tutors, by offering them a simple solution to conduct live & online classes.

Within a safe and secure environment, anyone can use Instaclass, invite learners to classes or courses, prepare and conduct online tests, get analytics, results and much more.

Instaclass Portal can be considered as an Online Teaching & Leanring platform, where each school or individual tutor can create their own virtual center and share classes, courses and tests it with their students and/or staff.

Exam revision and preparation, after school classes, weekend sessions are now easy, better, convenient and so much more flexible than ever by using Instaclass Portal, as it provides a unique experience without the need to commute, stay after hours. It actually allows for customization and the chance for learners to access classes at their own pace and from their comfort zones, without forgetting teachers as well, who will find such an experience extremely handy after long teaching days, as well as school administrators and leaders who will definitely prefer a hassle free experience rather than organizing and providing after school staff and facilities to conduct any type of support or training sessions

Try our Live & Interactive classes using our state of the art features:

  •  whiteboard and digital classroom.
  • Hassle free, fun and productive experience for our learners in addition to parents peace of mind.
  • Classes are recorded and can be viewed later.
  • Secure space and guaranteed privacy

We are proud to say that our technology is all built in and hand crafted by technical experts under the guidance of an Educational Department seeking only to provide the best for the constantly evolving sector.

We leave you to discover all the possibilities of what you can do with Instaclass.

Time to stand out from the croud and use INSTACLASS Portal